President Erdoğan: Judiciary is Independent Here

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has attended the program “Forest for Humans, Forest for Economy” organized in Ankara Arena Closed Sports Hall.

According to Doğan News Agency’s report, Erdoğan spoke as follows:

“I told Merkel ‘judiciary is independent here’”

“The European countries’ embracing terror organizations as the same countries cannot tolerate the imams of our Presidency of Religious Affairs is the effect of the same concern. They treat our imams of the Presidency of Religious Affairs as spies.

“Then an agent terrorist is hidden at the German Consulate in İstanbul.

“[German Chancellor Angela] Merkel came to visit me, she asked me to release him. I told her ‘judiciary is independent here’.

“I’ve delivered 4,500 terrorism files to you and asked about the outcome. Where is the response?

“We treat you the same way you treat us”.

Erdoğan also added that “no Europeans spying in our country will be permitted, be them persons or institutions”. (EKN/TK)