Police Storms Ward to Forcibly Take DNA Sample from Inmate

Inmate Esin Kavruk has been forced to give a DNA sample upon a court order.

The police on November 28 reportedly stormed a ward in BakirkAly Women's Closed Prison in Istanbul and battered all inmates inside.

The raid on Ward B/6 came after a court ordered that DNA sample shall be taken from Esin Kavruk, who was remanded in custody on November 11, according to Gazete Karinca.

Kavruk was brought to the Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK) against her will to give blood and saliva samples. When she refused to do so, the doctor took sent her back to prison after taking the minutes.

The prison director reportedly told Kavruk that there was an order by the Prosecutor's Office and she would be forced to give a DNA sample if she did not willingly do that. In response, she said that her attorneys appealed the order and a decision on the appeal had not been made yet.

CHD: The police battered all the women in the ward

The Contemporary Lawyers Association (CHD) said in a statement that the police battered all the women in the ward and 16 out of 19 women have been put into cells.

Police officers dragged the women by the hair, the statement said, noting that one woman received an ankle injury and one received a genital injury in the raid. While the two women were brought to the hospital and received reports, the other women were not sent to the hospital, the CHD stated.

Kavruk has had difficulties and "tortured" to give a DNA sample, the statement further said. It also noted that the inmates' books, notebooks, case files and blankets were taken by the police during the raid. The inmates filed criminal complaints against the prison directors, wardens and all of those responsible for the incident.

Source: English Bianet