Police Officer Who Shot Hantaş Released Despite ‘Strong Doubt’

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  • June 20, 2019
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Police officer K.B. shot Hantaş in the head while he was sitting in a park with his friends in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on April 14.

K.B. was arrested by the Diyarbakır 2nd Penal Court of Peace after the killing due to “causing death by blatant negligence.”

Mustafa Demir, K.B.’s attorney, appealed against the arrest of his client due to “strong doubt of crime.”

Reviewing the appeal, the Diyarbakır 5th Penal Court of Peace ruled on May 24 that K.B shall be tried without arrest.

He has been released after a 40-day arrest, the Mezopotamya Agency reported.

The court ruled that the continuation of the arrest would not be “reasonable.”

“With regards to the scope of the file, although there are concrete evidence that indicates there is a strong doubt of crime, when the fact that the suspect was arrested on April 14, 2019, the current situation regarding the evidence, the fact that the evidence is collected, the fact that arrest is a precaution, and the duration the suspect was arrested are taken into consideration, it has been understood that the continuation of the arrest will not be reasonable and proportionate and it has been ruled that the verdict of the Diyarbakır 2nd Penal Court of Peace dated on April 14, 2019, shall be overturned and a verdict of release has been regarded as necessary.

The court ruled that K.Y. shall be released upon judicial control. The police officer will have to go to the nearest police station every Monday and Friday to append his signature. He has also been imposed an international travel ban.

What happened?

Recep Hantaş, a 20-year-old man who was sitting with a friend in Sümerpark in Diyarbakır at around 4 a.m., lost his life after being shot in the head by police.

While Hantaş lost his life at the scene of the incident, his friend, who was the witness of the incident, was taken into custody.

He said that the police opened fire without a warning.

Efe Hantaş, the big brother of Recep Hantaş, stated, “Police officers said that my brother was killed by mistake.”

The Governorship of Diyarbakır said that Hantaş was shot dead because he disobeyed a stop warning.