Police officer killed, 2 wounded in clashes over fuel prices in Jordan

Col. Abdul Razzaq Abdel Hafez al-Dalabeh was shot and killed on Thursday “while dealing with riots by a group of vandals and outlaws” in the city of Maan, Jordan’s General Intelligence Directorate said in a statement.

While citizens have the right to “freedom of opinion and its peaceful expression,” any sort of “riots and vandalism will be dealt with … appropriate force,” the statement added.

In a separate statement, the Public Security Directorate said two more security personnel – an officer and a non-commissioned officer – were also shot in Maan.

Both are under treatment at a hospital, it added.

“Security forces will continue to deal with outlaws and will not allow anyone to undermine security,” the authority said, while also vowing measures against “incorrect and inaccurate news” that could stir up “discord.”

Tensions have been rising in Maan and several Jordanian cities as transport workers continue protests against high fuel prices and living costs.

Truck drivers have been joined by drivers of passenger and school buses in strikes that began on Dec. 5 with the aim of pressuring the government to reduce fuel prices.

Jordan currently ranks 4th among Arab countries in terms of fuel prices, after Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

* Ikram Imane Kouachi contributed to this report

Source: Anadolu Agency