Police Attack CHP Building with Pepper Gas

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A conflict has erupted in İzmit between Republican People’s Party (CHP) members and Justice and Development Party (AKP) members, who wanted to celebrate election results.

According to the report by Selin Becer from Kocaeli Newspaper, the AKP members who wanted to celebrate the elections results went out in the district of İzmit, Kocaeli. Police intervened in when an affray erupted between the CHP and AKP supporters.

After the CHP members told police that the election results weren’t announced yet and asked them to take the situation under control, police launched pepper gas on the district building.

Many party members were affected by the gas during the incident that occurred in front of CHP İzmit district building. The CHP members were taken to Kocaeli State Hospital for treatment.

Second intervention

A second tension occurred between the party members and police, who took security precautions in front of the party building. Police attacked second time on the party members who chanted slogans in front of the party building. (HA/TK)


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