Police admit carrying out unlawful raid at premises linked to Russian billionaire

Police in Jersey, a self-governing dependency of the UK, have acknowledged that they carried out unlawful investigations at premises allegedly linked to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, according to a legal document seen by Reuters.

In April, Jersey Police were entitled to search warrants, during which they seized some documents and devices, according to a legal document inked in a Jersey court.

In a consent order, which was reached on Nov. 9 and confirmed by two sources, Jersey police conceded that "the search warrants were obtained unlawfully" and admitted "that the search warrants should be quashed," according to a copy of the document seen by Reuters.

The police also agreed to pay compensation, confirming that all materials obtained in the searches had been destroyed.

Police will make an apology to former Chelsea FC owner Abramovich, the document added.

"Mr Abramovich has always acted in accordance with the law, we are pleased that the Jersey Police have conceded in relation to these unlawful and unfounded searches," Reuters quoted Abramovich's spokeswoman as saying.

Source: Anadolu Agency