PEDAGOGY CONFERENCE: Feminists Meet in İstanbul

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Women’s Museum İstanbul and Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies Excellence Center (SU Gender) will hold the Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites and Practices of Remembrance, I. Asian and European Conference of Women’s Museums between October 18 to 20.

As part of the conference, which will be organized for the first time under this title, participants will find the opportunity to watch a series of conferences and exhibitions at Salt Galata and Minerva Pasaj in İstanbul.

While conference languages are Turkish and English, simultaneous translation will also be provided.

Parallel exhibition: unEXPOSED?

As announced by the organizers on the website of the event, during the conference, it will also be possible to view the exhibition entitled unEXPOSED?, which has been prepared by Women’s Museum İstanbul.

Based on the past exhibitions of women’s museums globally, the unEXPOSED? will explore the possibilities of exhibiting histories and memories of violence without reproducing images of violence.

Displaying concrete examples of remembrance practices that enable contact and communication between people, that give new meaning to rebellion and hope, that create lasting symbols, the exhibition will serve as an example of putting feminist pedagogy into action. (EMK/SD)

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