Paylan: Some People Put Under Protection Following Suicide Allegation

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Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) İstanbul MP Garo Paylan claims that there is a suicide preparation against dissidents from Turkey that migrated to Europe. There is Gladio of Turkey behind these plans, according to Paylan.

Answering the questions of İrfan Aktar from Gazete Duvar, Paylan said that this organization has stepped into action to fortify pro-security policies and coup.

“There are precautions taken in Europe”

“My sources are very solid. This intelligence came from Europe last week and I have it verified from different sources.

“There is not merely an intelligence but precautions taken.

“Certain people have been put under protection in Europe. They are on alert for a possible attack against certain institutions.

“There is a strong intelligence that there are three assassins in Europe for an assassination that will create a stir”.

Law Enforcement Agency of Germany Confirms ‘Assassination Claim’

Concerning HDP MP Paylan’s allegation that there are suicide preparations against some people from Turkey living in Europe, officials from Law Enforcement Agency of Germany said: “We are aware of the threat”.

According to a report by Gezal Hacer from Deutsche Welle Türkçe, the officials stated that the allegation of suicide preparations is still being investigated. In the statement, the officials said, “We are aware of the danger in question and still doing situation assessment. However, we expect you to appreciate that we won’t share information about the details and protective measures”. (EKN/TK)