Over 800,000 people in Greece apply for heating allowance

Some 1.3 million people qualified for the government support package announced earlier this month amid sky-rocketing energy prices and the winter season.

People who qualify for the aid will receive allowances ranging from €100 ($104) to €800. Those living in mountainous areas will be entitled to €1000 extra allowance.

Those who apply for the allowance for the first time and those who will use heating means other than natural gas will be entitled to up to €1,600 depending on marital status and income level.

However, the opposition parties drew attention to discrepancies in the budget, saying only €300 million were allocated to heating allowance down from last year’s €714 million.

Greece is among the many European countries which have seen a rise in the cost of living partly due to Russia's war in Ukraine.

The country's statistical authority ELSTAT reported in October that natural gas prices reported a record high with a 332% annual increase.

Source: Anadolu Agency