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Over 120,000 migrants pass through Serbia in 2022

Serbia registered more than 120,000 migrants last year in asylum centers across the country, according to figures released on Monday.

A total of 124,127 migrants passed through centers run by the country's Refugee and Migration Commissariat, showed the latest report by the agency.

"According to the latest statistical data, while some migrants stay longer, others stay shorter, and the average stay was 16 days. In 2021, the average length of stay was 30 days, and in 2020, it was 36 days," said the statement.

There are 3,059 people in 17 centers at present, while only 10 people were granted asylum in 2022 with another 40 receiving other forms of protection.

Most of the migrants are from Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Morocco, and India, showed the data.

Serbia lies on the Western Balkan route frequently used by migrants to get to Europe.

Serbian officials have repeatedly underlined that they have and will have a humanitarian attitude towards refugees but the country does not want to be a victim.

Source: Anadolu Agency