Number of Unemployed Tops 4 Million

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The Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) has announced the unemployment statistics for December 2018.

Accordingly, the number of unemployed above 15 years of age has become 4 million and 302 thousand, increasing by 1 million and 11 thousand compared to the same period last year. The unemployment rate has become 13.5 percent, with a 3.1 point increase.

In the same period, the non-agricultural unemployment rate increased by 3.3 points and became 15.6 percent.

For the young population (15-24 age group), the unemployment rate has become 24.5 percent, increasing by 5.3 percent. For the 15-64 age group, it has become 13.7 percent, increasing by 3.1 percent.

Number of the employed reduced by 633 thousand

In the December 2018 period, the number of employed has decreased by 633 thousand compared to the same period in the previous year and become 27 million 655 thousand. The employment rate has decreased by 1.5 points and become 45.4 percent.

In this period, the number of those employed has decreased by 375 thousand in the agricultural sector and 258 thousand in non-agricultural sectors.

Among the employed, 17.3 percent were in the agricultural sector, 19.8 percent were in the industry, 5.8 percent were in construction, and 57 percent were in the service sector.

Employment participation 52.4 percent

The labor force has become 31 million 957 thousand, with a 378 thousand increase from the same period last year. The labor force participation rate has not been changed and announced as 52.4 percent. (HA/VK)

Rate of unregistered employees 33.4 percent

The rate of those who work without being affiliated with a social security institution have increased by 0.1 points and became 33.4 percent.

In the non-agricultural sectors, the rate of unregistered employees became 22.7, with a 0.6 percent increase. (HA/VK)


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