Number of Unemployed Tops 4.5 Million in March

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The Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the statistical authority of the country, has announced labor force statistics for March.

Accordingly, the number of unemployed people aged 15 or above became 4 million and 544 thousand, with an increase of 1 million and 334 thousand compared to the same month last year.

The unemployment rate for the young population (15-24 age group) became 25.2 percent, with an increase of 7.5 percent, and for the 15-64 age group, it became 14.3 percent with a 4 percent increase.

The number of employed was 27 million and 795 thousand, 704 thousand less than last March. The employment rate decreased by 1.7 percent, becoming 45.4 percent.

17.3 percent of the employees were in the agricultural sector, 19.7 percent in industry, 5.5 percent in construction and 57.4 percent in the service sector.

The labor force participation rate increased to 52.9 percent from 52.4 percent last year. It declined by 0.1 among men and became 71.7 percent, while women’s participation rate became 34.4 percent with one-point increase.

The rate of employees who work without having social security increased by 1.5 percent and became 33.9 percent. (HA/VK)