November 25 March in Kadıköy Prevented by Police

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The march organized by the Women's Assemblies in the district of Kadıköy in İstanbul on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was prevented by the police today (November 25). 

Gathering in front of the Süreyya Opera House in Bahariye, women wanted to begin their march, which was met with the prevention of police. Esra K.

Secretary General of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform Gülsüm Kav spoke to the officers to learn the reason for the prevention. The officers stated that the march was banned by the Governorship of Istanbul and the ban would also be in effect in Taksim. Emine Selim

Prevented from walking along the avenue on the occasion of November 25, women made a statement for the press in front of the opera house. The relatives of the murdered women also spoke. Fadime Y.

The names of the women murdered by men in 2018 were also read out and the women attending the meeting answered by exclaiming, "Here".

According to the Male Violence Monitoring Report of bianet, in the first 327 days of 2018 from January 1 to November 23, men killed at least 218 women and 12 children. (HK/SD)


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