Nizam-e-Salat to be implemented in Islamabad Azan, prayers at same time (Pakistan Observer)

In a meeting presided over by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf, scholars and imams have decided to implement NizameSalat in Islamabad and nearby areas.
According to the act, all mosques of Islamabad will sound Azan and hold prayers at the same time. During this time, all markets will remain closed for business.
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf told media after the meeting that government offices would give a break during prayer timings. He said that a tenmember committee has been formed which will present its findings within a span of 1 week.
Sardar Yousuf said that precedence existed for such a law as demonstrated by a similar law enacted in Saudi Arabia. The law, he said, has produced positive results upon enforcement.
Talking on terrorism, Sardar Yousuf added that there is no discongruity between religious and nonreligious terrorism. He further added that there is a difference between sectarianism and terrorism.