(*) Nasrallah: Image of Burj Barajneh incident has become clear to a great extent to official security and resistance

NNA – Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, addressed the public via “al-Manar” TV Channel on Saturday evening, touching on the double terrorist attack that hit the district of Burj al-Barajneh on Thursday, indicating that “the image of what occurred has become crystal clear to a large extent to official security apparatuses and the resistance,” while expressing his heartfelt sympathy and consolation to the families of the fallen martyrs, praying for speedy recovery for all the wounded.

On the other hand, Nasrallah voiced Hezbollah’s strong condemnation of the “Daesh” terrorist attacks in Paris, saying that “our region that is experiencing the terrorism of Daesh is the most capable of recognizing the grave pain that has hit the French capital.” He expressed “sympathy, comfort and solidarity with the French people” in wake of this tragedy.

Referring back to the atrocious Burj el-Barajneh bombings, Nasrallah valued all those who extended a helping hand at the very first moments after the explosions, especially in rescuing the injured. He commended all media for covering the painful incident “properly and responsibly” and all states and parties of both Arab and Muslim and international worlds for showing sympathy.

Nasrallah also thanked the Lebanese government, parties, institutions and people for their solace gestures, praising their “good humanitarian stances, that conveyed the best of sympathy to families of the victims.”

Nasrallah then touched on the humanitarian dimensions of the tragic incident, the heroic sacrifices, the people’s responsible reactions and their patience at the loss of parents and children, acclaiming their “patience and faith, without expressing remorse or concern.”

“Daesh’s criminal and savage responsibility has become clearly evident,” said Nasrallah, indicating that “there were only two suicide bombers, one of Syrian nationality, and the other is also suspected to be Syrian as well.”

He disclosed that “the Information Branch and General Security have arrested a number of people in connection with the terrorist attack,” noting that “the network control administrators are now in the hands of the security forces,” and adding that “they form a complete network.”

Moreover, Nasrallah ruled out “the involvement of any Palestinian till the moment,” saying that “all arrested are of Syrian and Lebanese nationalities,” adding that “the unveiled network made use of apartments in Beirut and another in Burj Camp rented by a Syrian.”

=================== R.Sh.