Municipality of Anamur Covers Turtle Eggs with Soil

“Humans are not the only masters of the earth”

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The Municipality of Anamur in Mersin has poured soil over the coastline which is both the breeding and spawning area of caretta carettas and African softshell turtles and the living space of endemic sea daffodils.

The 13-kilometer coastline, which has been covered with soil to turn the area into a picnic site, is located between Pullu Natural Park and Anamurium Ancient City and it is a part of the natural protected area as guaranteed by the related international conventions and special laws.

‘Municipality is committing a crime’

As reported by Yeşil Gazete (Green Newspaper), the incident has caused outrage among the environmentalists in the region.

Accordingly, activists from the Mersin Association for Environment and Nature (MERÇED) have stated that the Municipality of Anamur is committing a crime by covering the area with soil and announced that they will take a legal action unless the Municipality takes a step back from the project.

‘It is unacceptable’

Referring to the Municipality’s work in the area as “unacceptable”, activists from the MERÇED have stated the following:

“If they do not put an end to this, bring back the sand that they took away from here and do not uncover the turtle shells that they covered with soil, we will file a criminal complaint against the authorities.

“We also openly state that, if needs be, we will have the area inspected and file an administrative lawsuit.” (EMK/SD)