Monday, March 28, 2016

Time Topic

8:00 Jbeil Maronite parishioner bishop Michel Aoun, officiating over the second day of Easter service at the bishopric of ‘Amshit after which he would be seeing Easter well-wishers

8:00 Itinerant Syriac Catholic Easter services’ program at the Lady of Annunciation Cathedral – National Museum crossing

9:00 Beirut Maronite Metropolitan bishop Boulos Matar, officiating over “Monday of the Apostles” service at St. George’s Cathedral after which he is to meet with Easter well-wishers at the bishopric’s reception Hall

10:00 Maronite parishioner bishop of Tripoli George Abou-Jawdeh meeting with Easter well-wishers at the bishopric of Tripoli between 10:00 – 12:00 am

10:00 Monday of the Resurrection celebrated at the Greek – Catholic bishopric of Beirut/Damascus Road

10:30 Chaldean parishioner bishop of Beirut Michel Qasarji officiating over a requiem for the Dead service in presence of a large number of Iraqi refugees at the Cathedral of St. Raphael of Baabda – Brazilia

11:00 Greek-Catholic Melkite parishioner bishop Cyril Boustros officiating over Monday of the Resurrection service at Sodeco church of the Savior to be followed by a reception of Easter well-wishers

16:00 Under the joint patronage of Social Affairs’ ministry & IHH Charity, the Annual Gathering of Orphans opens in Kitermaya – Kharroub District.

17:00 Under the patronage of the Grand Sunni mufti of the Republic cleric Abdullateef Deryan, an exhibition titled: “This is of Allah’s Creation” opening at Aysha Bakkar Waqf Endowment Center – Mousalli Building – 1st Floor