Mkari from Me'rab: Presidential dossier's obstacles mostly internal

NNA – Deputy House Speaker Farid Mkari said, on Saturday, that “the obstacles facing the Presidential dossier are mostly internal,” adding that “at certain times the internal and external factors are linked, which renders it difficult to come up with solutions.”

Mkari’s words came following his visit to Lebanese Forces Party Head, Samir Geagea, in Me’rab.

He indicated that their discussions touched on the Presidential file and ways of finding suitable solutions, in addition to dwelling on the social and economic situation prevailing in the country.

Responding to a question regarding extending the mandate of military leaders, Mkari considered this issue a “delicate” matter.

He added: “In light of the current circumstances, it is preferable that the Army Commander’s mandate persists due to his great expertise, until a new President is elected.”

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