Misrata-Istanbul cruises signal for further development of Turkiye-Libya ties

Karanfil Grup, a Turkish company conducting cruises between Istanbul and Libya’s seaport Misrata, created an important touristic and business link between Turkiye and Libya, the head of the group said.

Murtaza Karanfil stressed that the cruises are one of the biggest indicators that the relations between the two countries will be further developed.

Karanfil noted that the opening of the Libyan office of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) in May will serve creation of a steady alliance between Turkiye and Libya in global competition.

Maritime transport has a very strategic position in global trade, Karanfil said, adding: “It is an indisputable fact that the maritime transport between Libya and our country has a similar strategic importance.

“As Karanfil Group, we resumed cruises after 25 years, as of April 2022.”

He underlined that the firm’s cruises, with the partnership of Kavelay Turizm and Libya Iron and Steel Company, make a great contribution to the consolidation of trade and tourism relations between Turkiye and Libya.

Targets whole continent

Karanfil said the firm aims to carry passengers from the whole continent, especially Libya and North African countries, with RoPax type ferries with a capacity of 900 passengers, 1,700 tons of cargo, and 400 cars.

Karanfil said economic relations play a decisive role in the globalizing world. “We are connecting 26,000 companies in our country with our 120,000 Libyan customers.”

Karanfil also said they ensure uninterrupted and continuous delivery of all kinds of products, from small and medium-sized products to large machines such as CNC benches and radiology devices.

The firm provides services as quickly and safely as air cargo, he stressed, adding that it also aims to increase the number of ships and the variety of routes.

The trip between Libya and Istanbul was completed in around two to three days, minimizing the trip costs of personnel groups going from Istanbul to Libya, especially in the field of contracting, Karanfil said.

Libya needs investment in every field

Karanfil pointed out that the opening of MUSIAD’s Libya office creates an assurance for business people who want to enter the Libyan market.

The participation of the Libyan ministers of economy and industry, head of the Court of Accounts, president of the Union of Chambers, local government officials, and senior bureaucrats in the opening of the office showed their expectations from Turkiye, according to Karanfil.

“Libya has to import everything that is vital for the country,” he said, adding: “We call on (Turkiye’s) non-governmental organizations to focus on Libya, because the country needs investment in almost every field such as petrochemistry, tourism, health, mining, and construction sectors.”

Turkish businesspeople can turn the country’s needs into investments and also contribute to the development of Libya, he underlined.

The work of his company and MUSIAD in Libya not only contribute to the trade between the two countries but also serve to consolidate the Exclusive Zone Economic Agreement in the Eastern Mediterranean, Karanfil added.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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