Minister does Not Provide Occupational Disease Figures Asked by MP

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  • July 15, 2019
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“What is the number of the people who were diagnosed with an occupational disease between 2013 and 2018? Which are these diseases? What is the number of people who lost their lives after being diagnosed with an occupational disease? Are there efforts by your ministry to prevent or decrease occupational diseases?”

MP Gürer from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) asked these questions to Minister Selçuk. In her response, Selçuk did not provide statistical figures, rather told about the legal regulations that were made to improve the situation. She said that figures related to occupational diseases are included on the website of the Social Security Institution (SGK).

Gürer said in response that he was not able to receive an answer to his questions. He said, “Ms. Minister gave a long answer, but refrained from giving important figures and cited the website while refraining from giving the figures that are not included in the website. In the past, ministers would give answers to this kind of questions. The appointed minister should inform the public in a right way. I want the Minister to immediately announce these figures.”

He said that Turkey ranks third in the world and first in Europe in occupational diseases and occupational diseases also increase. (AÖ/VK)