Miners in Zonguldak End Hunger Strike

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The hunger strike that the miners in Zonguldak who cannot receive their salaries launched ended on its 11th day yesterday (May 29).

Miners at De-Ka and Balçınlar Mining in Kilimli district of Zonguldak province had started the strike after trustee has been appointed to the firm. The workers demand that the mines be reopened, be paid of their unpaid salaries of four months, and their indemnity if to be fired.

De-Ka mine’s worker representative, Cemal Akın has said their 16 fellows sustaining the hunger strike left the mine and put into the vehicles under police escort to be taken for physical treatment.

Akın stating two more miners have become ill and taken to hospital, added that 16 of their fellows left in the mine continuing the strike.

Agreement reached for now

Akın meeting with his friends on hunger strike at around 4 p.m., said that his friends received their salaries, and they themselves will receive social aid of 300 euros and the unpaid amount of 300 euros.

Akın expressing that Chief of Police, Osman Ak will arrange all necessary meetings for the protest to end and told them that all salaries will be paid after the coal are sold.

The miners had refused the offer of 530 euros of the appointee and noted that their payer is Turkey Hard Coal Authority.

What had happened?

In total 245 miners work in two mines. Trustee was appointed within the scope of “parallel structure” operation to the mine operating via royalty system of Turkey Hard Coal Authority on April 13, 2016.

The workers who were not paid during January and February in 2016 had taken the decision to not go to work as of April 4.

The workers not being paid for four months by May had first held talks with appointee delegation and then city authorities before April 18 over their unpaid salaries but got no result.

Those who fell ill on the hunger strike which was launched by 70 people were taken into hospital. On 11th day, 16 protesters had remained.

Other miners were continuing the strike for 24 hours with their fellows. (HK/TK)