Mezopotamya Agency Reporter Çağlar Released

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Ergin Çağlar, who works as a reporter at Mezopotamya Agency, was taken into custody during a road control in the district of Pazarcık in Turkey’s southeastern province of Maraş earlier today (July 24).

As reported by Mezopotamya Agency, Ergin Çağlar, who was on his way from Maraş to Adana, was detained during the road control carried out by the gendarmerie forces in Pazarcık.

There was a search warrant for Çağlar to give his deposition regarding a lawsuit filed against him for “opposition to the military law.”

After Çağlar was taken to the Pazarcık District Gendarmerie Commandership and gave his deposition at the Prosecutor’s Office where he was referred to, he was released at around 4 p.m. today.

BİA Monitoring Report / 2018 April-May-June shows that 127 journalists entered July 1 in prison. 33 of them have been tried, 40 have been investigated, 24 are convicted and files of 30 are at the upper court. (AS/SD)