Message from Erol Önderoğlu: As a Very Fresh Prisoner…

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First message has arrived to bianet from our imprisoned friend and colleague, Erol Önderoğlu who was arrested on charge of “terrorism propaganda” for serving as Editor-in-Chief on Watch on May 18 for Özgür Gündem daily.

Önderoğlu was arrested along with other “Editors-in-Chief on Watch” Turkey Human Rights Foundation Chair Şebnem Korur Fincancı, and journalist author Ahmet Nesin on June 20.

Önderoğlu’s message is as follows:

“Dear friends of bianet

“As a very fresh prisoner, I live by seeing here the benefits of right based journalism, energy of young passions. On the other hand, I am living the emptiness of losing my daily activities…

“Thank each one of you for your solidarity. I hug you.

“June 21 2016 – Metris Prison”. 

About Erol Önderoğlu

Born in Erzincan in 1969, Önderoğlu graduated from İstanbul University, Department of French Philology. He works as international Reporters Without Borders (RSF) representative since 1996. He works as Legal Support Desk coordinator, freedom of expression editor and editorial director at bianet news site, which is the project of IPS Communication Foundation since 2000. He is still preparing the Media Monitoring Reports in bianet.

Önderoğlu is member of International Freedom of Expression Network IFEX Council on behalf of the IPS Communication Foundation/bianet.

He shared the Journalists Association of Turkey 2014 Press Freedom Prize with Tuğrul Eryılmaz. He earned the prize due to his works he carried out in Turkey and abroad for monitoring and reporting of the right violations as to freedom of expression.