Men Kill 29 Women, 3 Girls in May

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According to reports bianet compiled from local and national newspapers, news websites and agencies, men killed 29 women and three girls; raped 10 women; forced 26 women to sex work; sexually harassed 10 women; sexually abused 26 girls; inflicted violence on 34 women in May.

In the first five months of 2017, men killed 130 women; raped 38; harassed 50; sexually harassed 172 girls; inflicted violence on 140 women.


Men killed 29 women; three girls and five men; injured four men and one child in May. Besides, one woman committed suicide or allegedly committed suicide. Perpetrator of a woman whose throat was sliced couldn’t be found.

One of the homicides occurred in a school, another one in the middle of a street.

59% of the women were killed by their partners or ex-partners, 20% by male relatives:

Six women were killed by elder brothers; six by male relatives; one by son-in-law; one by ex-son-in-law; three by ex-husbands; nine by husbands; one by son; one by a man whom she rejected his proposal to start a romantic relationship; five by boyfriends.

Two women were killed despite having applied to police right before the murder:

A woman in İzmir had gone to a police station filing a complaint about her husband for whom a detention warrant was issued, however, he was released following his statement. He wounded his wife hitting her head with an axe, took her to the street naked and murdered her. Another woman had called the police informing them that a man with a gun was waiting in front of her home 15 minutes before she was murdered.

Four men committed suicide, three other attempted suicide following the murders.

The cities in which the femicides occurred in May are Adana (3), Ankara (1), Antep (1), Aydın (1), Bursa (3), Diyarbakır (1), Edine (1), Hatay (2), İstanbul (5), İzmir (4), Kayseri (1), Kilis (1), Konya (2), Muğla (1), Samsun (1).


10 women were raped in May, one of the women was with disability.

Three men were arrested in 10 cases in which there were 11 perpetrators, one of them was released on probation. Judicial processes concerning five of them were not covered in the media. Two rapists were killed by the women they raped. Two of the rapists were convicted of sexual harassment in the past; one was already tried for having kidnapped another woman.

One woman was raped by a relative; one by an electrician who came to her home; one by ex-boyfriend; one by a man who promised a job; one by a male co-worker; one by a waiter whom she asked where the toilet was; one by boyfriend; one by bus drivers; one by friend; one by male stranger.

One of the rape incidents occurred in a hotel; one in a bus; one in the woman’s home; one in a home in which the rapist sneaked in; one in a home to which the woman was taken by force; one in a vehicle which she was forcibly put in.

The cities in which the rape incidents took place are Bursa (1), Eskişehir (1), İstanbul (5), Kayseri (1), Manisa (1), Trabzon (1).

Sex work by force

At least 26 women were forced to sex work in May. 69% of the women were not citizens of Turkey. 29 of the 45 perpetrators who forced the women to sex work were arrested.

The cities in which the sex work by force took place are Mersin (13), Muğla (3), Samsun (1), İstanbul (9).


Men harassed at least 10 women in May.

Three of the rape incidents took place on public transportation; three others on university campus; one on the street; another one in an underpass; and two others in the workplace.

Only two of the harassers were arrested. Two other were battered by bystanders who witnessed the harassment. No action has been taken with regards to a club trainer who harassed three women, and two harassers one of whom was a research assistant.

50% of the harassers were men whom the women already knew:

One woman was harassed by a man she knew from work, another by a man whom her husband owed money to, two others by club trainers at the university, one by a research assistant at the university, and five by stranger men.

60% of the women were exposed to physical, 10% to both physical and oral and 30% to exhibitionism.

The cities in which the harassments took place are Adana (2), Antalya (1), İstanbul (4), Kocaeli (2), Konya (1).

Child abuse

At least 26 girls were sexually abused in May.

One of the girls got pregnant due to sexual abuse and the abuser has been released on probation.

Four of the harassment incidents came to light by girls’ getting pregnant. Another one was realized after girl’s parents saw the messages the harasser sent.

Four of the abuse cases came to light by teachers realizing the abuse. Two girls told their mothers about the abuse and two others to their teachers.

7 of the 10 abusers were arrested, one other was released on probation. Legal proceedings about two abusers weren’t reported in the media.

One of the abusers had already been convicted of child abuse earlier.

19% of the abusers were men working at the girl’s schools such as bus drivers, school workers and teachers:

One of the girls was abused by a relative, three others by a friend of their mothers, one by a folk dance trainer, one by a nurse in the hospital she was staying at as an accompanying person, five by the owners of a stationery shop, one by her neighbour, one by a supermarket manager, one by an employer at her school, one by another student at her school, one by her teacher, three by the school bus driver, one by a man she knew and three by stranger men. In two cases, the identity of the abuser was not reported in the media.

The cities in which sexual abuse incidents took place are Antalya (1), Batman (1), Çanakkale (1), İstanbul (10), İzmir (4), Kastamonu (4),Mersin (1), Samsun (1), Tokat (1) and Van (2).


Men inflicted violence on 34 women in May. 56% of the women suffered severe injuries.

The assailant in one case was a police officer and in another case an imam working on prevention of domestic violence.

38% of the violence-injury incidents took place in places such as the front yard of a shopping mall, workplace, café and in the middle of the street.

9% of the women were subjected to violence despite restraining order.

Four women were subjected to violence for attempting to divorce or break up and one woman was severely injured as her daughter sought divorce..

One of the men who inflicted violence on women had already been convicted of child abuse earlier. One of these escaped prison when his wife sued for divorce and attacked her wife with a döner knife in the middle of a street. Another woman who witnessed the incident and jumped on the man saved the woman from death.

11 of the assailants were arrested, one was sentenced to community service and another one was released on probation.

62% of the women were exposed to violence by their partners:

Two women were exposed to violence by men they entered into discussion with in the traffic, one by her father, another by her step-father, one by her son-in-law, two by their ex-husbands, two others by their ex-boyfriends, one by a man towards whom she nurtured enmity vice versa, 14 women by their husbands, one both by her husband and father, one by her fiance, one by her son, two by their boyfriends, one by a man she knew and one by a stranger man.

In 47% of the cases, the women were subjected to violence with methods that could lead to death:

Six women were injured with knives, 14 others were battered, one by a sharp object, one by nitric acid, six by guns and two by a rifle. One man set the house on fire while another man tried to break into the apartment of a woman. In two cases, the men tried to kidnap the women.

The cities in which violence-injury incidents took place are Adana (1), Aksaray (5), Ankara, Ankara (3), Antalya (5), Bursa (1), Denizli (2), Diyarbakır (2), Hatay (2), İstanbul (4) , İzmir (3), Konya (1), Kütahya (2), Malatya (1), Manisa (1), Muğla (1). (ÇT/TK/DG)