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Maypharm Announces New Product METOX on Times Square in New York

SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Maypharm announces new botulinum toxin, METOX on January 26, 2021. METOX is an effective solution for smoothing any kind of wrinkles from moderate to severe, caused by daily active facial movements.

METOX, Maypharm's new botulinum toxin

Maypharm is focusing on outstanding pharmaceutical products to provide superior botulinum toxin product with an up-to-date technological advantage and elaborated advanced manufacturing quality system and sophisticated equipment to meet the GMP requirements of the Agency’s CGMP regulations.

Maypharm successfully entered to a toxin market, announcing their own newly launched toxin on The Times Square Spectacular digital billboard in New York.

Maypharm has already wholesale partners around the world in China, Russia, Europe, US, Middle East and Western Asian countries and regions (Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines) so now is intended to supply METOX, a new toxin worldwide and achieve a strong position in European market and increase significantly a toxin market share within three years of the product launch.

METOX is currently actively conducting clinical trials in various fields for the purpose of treating symptoms such as asymmetry of the jaw muscles and pain in the shoulder muscles, in addition to indications in areas such as improvement of glabellar lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Maypharm’s METOX at the Times Square Spectacular Digital Billboard

All existing botulin toxins manufacture their products through the traditional way – lyophilization, there is always some powder residue left on the bottom of every vial. Meanwhile, METOX 100U botulinum toxin A is using a technology of the 2nd generation, an upgraded technique which is called vacuum dehydration. As a result, there is almost no powder residue left on the bottom of every vial. It minimizes denaturalization such as foam or molecular breakage when diluted, making penetration process almost painless and filling via syringe much easier (due to absence of air).

The research showed that METOX development, based on the Latest Equipment & New Standard R&D and due to the 2nd Generation’s Technology, in comparison to other products, has a main beneficial point in high purity, stabilization effect, and proven efficacy, which means not only safe procedures of high quality with perfect result, but setting an absolutely New Level in the Global Botulinum Toxin Market.

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