Manbij Message in National Security Council Statement

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The National Security Council (MGK) has convened under the presidency of President and Justice and Development Party (AKP) Chair Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and issued a written statement.

Emphasis on Manbij came to the fore in the statement released yesterday (March 28). “Turkey will not refrain from taking initiative like it did in other regions”, the statement read.

“In addition to Syria, Iraqi government is expected to prevent activities of separatist terrorist organization, which has settled in especially Sinjar and Qandil to attack our country. In case this is not done, it will be prevented by Turkey itself”, the statement added.

In a press conference on March 20, Pentagon Spokesperson Colonel Robert Manning said that the US will not withdraw its forces from Manbij.

In response to a question about whether US-led coalition forces will protect Syrian Democratic Forces in case Turkey launches an offensive into Manbij, Manning said, “It has been very clear to all parties that US forces are there, and we will take measures to make sure that we de-conflict”. (AS/TK)


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