Man Who Attacked Women in Shorts Arrested

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E.K., who assaulted a woman for wearing shorts and then was released by the court, was arrested upon prosecutor’s objection yesterday (June 22).

A man named E.K. had assaulted a woman named Asena Melisa Sağlam (21) for wearing shorts in a minibus in İstanbul.

E.K. was detained upon the woman’s complaint and then was released. However, as it came out during the judicial proceedings that he was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison on charge of “opposing to tax law”, E.K. was sent to prison for the execution of this crime.

However, since Penal Execution System has been changed through a statutory decree, E.K. was released on probation for his tax crime.

Public Prosecutor Mehmet Ali Yıldız referred E.K. to 5th Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty for arrest on charges of “preventing exercising the freedom of belief, thought and opinion”, “Insult”, “Willful injury”, and “Inciting people to animosity and hostility”.

The judgeship rejected the arrest request on the ground that “the arrest might be disproportionate at this stage due to the possibility that the quality of the crime might remain as simple injury”.

Prosecutor Yıldız challenged the decision and appealed to the higher court. The higher court approved prosecutor’s challenge and ordered arrest of E.K.

Meanwhile, E.K. lodged a complaint against Sağlam. Sağlam went to the Kartal Courthouse to give statement yesterday. (ÇT/TK) 


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