‘Love Wins’: Court Suspends İzmir Pride Week Ban

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The Governorship of İzmir on June 14 banned the Pride Week that was planned to take place between June 17 and June 23 in the west coast city, citing numerous reasons such as the protection of national security, public order, public morality and public health.

A court ruled yesterday (June 19) that the execution of the ban shall be suspended.

The Pembe Hayat LGBTI+ Solidarity Association released a statement on the verdict, saying, “Love has won.”

However, the court has not reached a conclusion if the “Bondage Workshop” and “Sex Toys Workshop” should be held as the Pembe Hayat announced that will make a verdict on Friday (June 21) if two events in the schedule of the 7th İzmir Pride week should be held.

One of the three members of the court board voted for a complete suspension of the ban, it added. (EMK/VK)