Libya: Italy doesn’t sign Cairo statement (4)

(ANSA) - Cairo- Italy refrained from signing the final statement from a ministerial meeting on Libya in Cairo Wednesday, judging it too biased, with Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio urging moderation in order not to split the EU. The FM "fought to ease the hard position of the other countries towards Turkey and Serraj", sources said. "The Berlin process", Di Maio said, "must not see biased towards a single party".

Sources outside the meeting with France, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece said Di Maio said "this morning Borrell met Serraj. We are working hard and must impress on everyone the weight of our responsibilities. WE must not split the European Union in this moment. In stating that the Berlin process must not see the international community leaning too far towards one part only, Di Maio added that the EU "must be on the front line for dialogue and moderation.

"We'll talk about Libya at the European council on Friday".

Source: ANSA News Agency