Libya: EU denounces Russia, Turkey interference

(ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG- The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has denounced during a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg the ''military engagement'' of Russia and Turkey in the Libyan crisis, comparing it to the situation in Syria.

The EU foreign policy chief said ''things are slipping away in Libya'' during a parliamentary debate. ''We repeat that there is no military solution to the conflict but we have already used this tslogan for the Syrian war and in the end what we see in Syria is a military solution'', he said, stressing that there is a risk of ''the same situation'' repeating itself in Libya.

''Turkey and Russia have changed the equilibrium in the eastern area of the Mediterranean'', he insisted, adding that the EU ''can't accept that the same situation reproduces in Libya'', accusing Moscow and Ankara of ''engaging militarily'' in Libya with the ''inflow of weapons and mercenaries''.

''There are increasing arms and mercenaries and we can't state anymore that there is a war without foreign fighters in Libya'', he stressed. ''According to intelligence, there are Syrians and Middle Eastern fighters who have gone to fight in a field or the other'', he said.

The UN-recognized Libyan government led by Fayez al Sarraj is backed by Turkey in the armed conflict with the forces of eastern Libyan strongman General Khalifa Haftar, in turn supported by Russia and Egypt.

Borrell urged Europeans to ''overcome their divisions'' and become more involved to find a solution to the conflict. ''If the situation deteriorates, hundreds of thousands of people living and working in Libya could move to Europe'', he warned.

Source: ANSA News Agency