LF in Metn honours Kannan, Riachy

NNA – The Metn branch of the Lebanese Forces (LF) held a dinner on Saturday night in honour of Secretary General of Change and Reform Bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, and LF’s former head of media and communication, Melhem Riachy, during which both men agreed that unity among Christians achieved Lebanon’s stability.

Kanaan thanked the LF for the tribute, and considered that what should be celebrated was the reconciliation between the two major Christian powers: the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement.

“There is strength in unity,” he noted.

“We reconciled so that no one would even entertain the thought of trespassing on our rights in the future…we agreed so that there would be true partnership in this nation,” Kanaan stated, adding that although his political team would not veto anyone, it vehemently refused a veto on any ally.

“We refuse to be dealt with as was the norm thirty years ago.”

Collective experiences in exile and incarceration made the two Christian forces realize the necessity of their unity.

“Politics should not separate us,” pleaded Kanaan, “we are what unites Lebanon and gives it strength to be a message in the Levant and a strong spot for Christians of the East.”

Riachy also gave a word on the occasion, voicing support for the reconciliation.

“The reconciliation manifests itself in dissolving animosity between the two parties, the election of a president and later in [legislative elections].”

Riachy went on to say that Lebanon was for all its citizens, Christian and Muslim.

“This country is not exclusive to us, but it definitely belongs to us.”