Lebanese Newspapers' Headlines for Tuesday 3/11/2015

NNA – AN-NAHAR: Cabinet resorts to caretaker for salaries of servicemen!

Ninth “sterility” tour…Waste session tomorrow

ASSAFIR: Hollande sets conditions to visit Lebanon “negotiations to break presidential stalemate”

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Parliament bureau to determine legislation agenda…

And dialogue to dispel Arslan’s concerns

Army receives salaries…And pays blood

THE DAILYSTAR: Two Army soldiers, six other people killed in nightclub standoff

—Two soldiers and six other people were killed in a Monday dawn Army raid on a nightclub in an area north of Beirut infamous for its seedy nightlife.

The Army said in a statement that among the dead in the Maameltein Wet Club were Mahdi Hussein Zeaiter and Ahmad Ali Ammar who had 11 search warrants and six arrest warrants against them for committing various crimes.