Latvia’s leader calls to isolate Russian-speaking residents disloyal to state policy

Latvian leader called on Wednesday for the isolation of the Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic country, who oppose the political course of the state on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Russia's military operation in Ukraine has become a "routine" for the West, Egils Levits said, speaking in an interview with Latvian radio and television joint news portal

He underlined that after the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine, both positive and negative effects were observed in the Latvian society, while the citizens of Latvia have become "more patriotic."

According to Levits, the positive effect is that the majority of society has become "more aware" of their country and the price of freedom.

"On a daily basis, you don't think much about the threat, but now you see it. It makes people think," he said.

Meanwhile, the negative effect is that "a section of Russian society that is not loyal to the state" has appeared, said Levits, noting: "Our task is to deal with that (section of society) and isolate it from society."

The Russia-Ukraine war, which started on Feb. 24, has drawn international condemnation, led to financial restrictions on Moscow, and spurred an exodus of global firms from Russia.

Source: Anadolu Agency