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Kyrgyzstan says 24 people killed, 121 others injured in clashes with Tajikistan

 At least 24 people were killed and 121 others injured during heavy border clashes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan security forces, the former’s Health Ministry said on Saturday.

The clashes in the Batken region began at several locations on Friday and have since continued, according to Kyrgyz security sources.

The majority of the injured have shrapnel and gunshot wounds, according to the ministry.

Kyrgyzstan declared a state of emergency in the border town late Friday to ensure the safety of its citizens, carry out work on evacuation and resettlement of the population, prevent human losses and mobilize the relevant forces, according to a statement.

The region is tense due to a border dispute, which involves agricultural irrigation, animal grazing, smuggling, and illegal border crossings.

Kyrgyzstan closed its border crossings with Tajikistan on May 21, 2021 until the border issue is resolved.

Source: Anadolu Agency