Kenyan graduate of Turkish scholarship program praises Türkiye’s hospitality

Recalling the years she spent in Türkiye, a Kenyan graduate of the Turkish scholarship program cannot forget the hospitality of the Turkish people.

Speaking to Anadolu, Pauline Wanjahi Muiyuro, who studied for her master's degree at Sakarya University in northwestern Türkiye, is currently working as a project manager at UNICEF in Kenya.

The education she received in Türkiye "has been of great benefit" to her, she said.

Underlining that she had faced almost no difficulties during her education in Türkiye, Muiyuro said she could not forget the hospitality of the Turkish people, especially the conversations she had wherever she went.

Muiyuro went on to say that people were trying very hard to get to know her and her country even though they didn't know Kenya.

Noting that she did not know much about Türkiye, she said after applying for the scholarship, she did a lot of research and learned about Turkish culture and Ottoman history.

Recommending the scholarship program to everyone around her, Muiyuro emphasized that she always remembers the hospitality and warm conversation of the Turkish people.

Noting that some of her Kenyan friends continue their education in Türkiye, Muiyuro added that the graduates maintain their relations with their friends in Türkiye and that this bond contributes to the improvement of relations between the two countries.

The Türkiye Scholarships program, also known as Türkiye Burslari, offers a range of programs for undergraduate, graduate, research, and language education opportunities in Türkiye's most prestigious universities for international students and researchers.

Applications for the scholarships, provided by the country's Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), will be open online until Feb. 20 at the website tbbs.Tü

Established in 2012, the YTB is responsible for coordinating activities of Turks living abroad and developing relations through economic, social, and cultural activities.

Source: Anadolu Agency