Kazakh parliament ratifies law with France on mutual legal assistance

Kazakhstan’s lower house of parliament on Wednesday ratified a law with France on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, local media reported.

“The agreement provides for the conduct of procedural actions aimed at proving the guilt of suspects and those accused of committing crimes. Among such measures is the transfer of persons in custody,” Deputy Prosecutor General Aset Chindaliev said at the plenary session of the house, according to the state-run Kazinform news agency.

He said the mutual assistance agreement ensures the legitimacy of testimony from either country and provides avenues for both sides to cooperate in criminal cases if requested.

Chindaliev also said that the agreement stipulates the grounds for refusing legal assistance if there is a threat to the sovereignty, and public order of the country; if it concerns gender, nationality, or religion; and if the statute of limitations has expired.

“The agreement was concluded on the basis of international agreements. In general, Kazakhstan has concluded a similar agreement with 29 states,” Chindaliev added.

Source: Anadolu Agency