Kataeb: We will continue to suspend our participation in dialogue

NNA – The Kataeb Party confirmed its continued suspension of its participation in the dialogue session as long as people’s affairs were not met, trashes still in the streets, and cabinet’s work disrupted

Kataeb party’s fresh stance came on Monday in the wake of its politburo meeting, presided over by its leader, Sami Gemayel, to broach an array of hour issues.

The Party urged the government to prove to the Lebanese people that there was still a country to protect them, calling for the implementation of the cabinet’s plan to remove trash from the streets and swiftly put terms to inflicted damages.

Kataeb said that it was obviously proven that an internal, regional team was adopting a strategy of destruction and disruption starting from the presidency to the parliament far-reaching to the cabinet. The party called upon the Lebanese people to counter such strategies through clinging to the state and its legitimate security institutions.

On the other hand, the Phalange party condemned the security chaos spread in more than one country, calling on the military institutions to hit with an iron fist the terrorist and smuggling groups as well as wanted suspects.

The party expressed sorrow for the falling of army martyrs during their crackdown on suspects locations, presenting deepest condolences to the martyrs’ families and the army leadership.