Journalist Emre Orman Arrested

Taken into custody yesterday due to his social media messages, journalist Emre Orman has been arrested on charge of propagandizing for a terrorist organization.

Detained in early morning hours yesterday (October 23), Net News Agency reporter Emre Orman has been arrested.

After he was taken into custody in Atasehir, Istanbul, Orman was first referred to Istanbul Security Directorate on Vatan Avenue, then to the Istanbul Anatolian Courthouse in Kartal.

Standing before the judge today, Orman has been arrested on charge of "propagandizing for a terrorist organization."

It was previously reported that journalist Emre Orman was taken into custody due to her social media messages between 2017 and 2018.

He was reporting on Saturday Mothers/People

Emre Orman was regularly following the protests of Saturday Mothers/People in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Speaking to bianet, Orman previously stated the following about the mothers and their protests:

"Just think about it: You listen the sorrows of mothers every week, you learn their stories. It is impossible not to be affected as a human. Their sorrow has become our sorrow. When they are subjected to violence, we also get hurt. We do not see ourselves different from them.

"We are wherever the mothers are. They have been putting up barriers between us for weeks. In the middle of all those shields, we are trying to find a way to make their voices heard, to reach the mothers. We will not give up making the voices of mothers heard."

Source: English Bianet