Journalist Dündar Meets Wife in Germany

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Dilek Türker Dündar announced on social media that she came together with her husband Can Dündar and their son.

“For three whole years, although there is not an investigation on me, my passport has been confiscated unlawfully and I was prevented from traveling abroad. I tried all the legal ways, I could not get a result. The Constitutional Court has not handled my case for two years.

“They didn’t abide by the Constitution; I paid the price of having trust in laws with staying afar from my family. At last, used my motherhood right and came together with my family. I hope that Turkey comes together with the law and family members who fell apart will come together.”

Can Dündar is facing a life sentence for espionage in the case of “MİT (National Intelligence Agency) trucks” and has been living in Germany for three years.

His wife’s passport was confiscated by the authorities in Turkey, which she described as “being held hostage against her husband.” (AÖ/VK)