Joint Call by 38 NGOs: Take Action for Children

38 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have released a joint statement on Turkey's Syria operation in German, English, Arabic, Kurmanji and Turkish, raising concerns over the children affected by Turkey's military operation into northern Syria.

38 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including Saturday Mothers/People, Human Rights Association (IHD) Children's Rights Commissions and Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) Istanbul Branch, have released a joint statement entitled "Take Action for Children".

In their statements on Turkey's "Operation Peace Spring" launched into northern Syria, the NGOs have underlined that "the primary and best interest of children should be respected."

In their joint statement released in German, English, Arabic, Kurmanji and Turkish, the NGOs have stated the following in brief:

'Ensure a peaceful environment for children'

"We know that all environments of violence, conflict and war affect children directly and indirectly.

"Children experience many emotions and realities such as fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, panic, helplessness, interruption, numbness, uncertainty, nonsense, anger, rage and loneliness, especially in the condition of vital risk in everyday living places and situations that do not conform to the natural flow of life and they witness what is happening in their environment.

"It is clear that these happenings are in opposition to the Geneva Declaration's approach of 'WHEREAS mankind owes to the child the best it has to give' and to the Convention on the Rights of the Children which leaves its 30th year behind and to which Turkey is a party.

"As one of the states party to the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Children, Turkey is responsible for the protection and fulfillment of children's rights and freedoms.

"As those who are responsible for advocating of human rights of each child, we always remind that the primary and best interests of children should be respected; we demand that the state immediately fulfill its obligations in the protection of all human rights, in particular children's right to life, and take action to ensure a peaceful environment for children in the first place."


100th Year Initiative, Amed Ecology Association, Amed City Theater, Ankara Women's Platform, Bogazici Social Service Club, Saturday Mothers/People, Children Studies Association, Children Everywhere Association, Peace with Child, Diyarbakir Bar Association Children's Rights Center, Diyarbakir Education Union Women's Assembly, Diyarbakir Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions (KESK) Constituents, Diyarbakir SES, Diyarbakir Medical Chamber, Mulberry Tree Solidarity Association, Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (EMER), Migration and Humanitarian Aid Foundation, People's Houses, Committee for Monitoring Animal Rights (HAKIM), Human Rights Association (IHD) Children's Rights Commissions, Karenin Disinda Daycare Center and Kindergarten, Lales Art House, Ma Music Center, Mesopotamia Psychologists Initiative, October Ten Peace and Solidarity Association, Children First Association, Colorful Hopes Association, Rosa Women's Association, SHUDER Diyarbakir, SHUDER Istanbul, Suruc Families Initiative, Subadap Kid, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) Istanbul Branch, Ugur Ozkan Child Culture House, Psychologists for Social Solidarity Association (TODAP), Van Bar Association, VAN KESK Constituents, New Life Association

Source: English Bianet