Japan sends 237 more generators to Ukraine

Japan on Monday said it has sent 237 more generators to Ukraine, which is facing serious power supply issues due to “destruction of a large part of energy infrastructure facilities by Russia’s attacks.”

The generators “have been shipping to Ukraine since Jan. 14 … (and) are to be handed over to companies of electric power, water and gas supply … and to be utilized for securing energy sector,” the Japanese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Japan sent 25 generators earlier in December, bringing the overall figure to 262, the statement said.

This is part of Japan’s “support to protect the lives of the people of Ukraine who are in full-fledged winter,” it added.

“Japan will continue to provide support for and stand by the people of Ukraine who are facing hardship, in collaboration with the international community, including the G7 members,” read the statement.

Source: Anadolu Agency