Israel Stops Import, Summons Ambassador’s Deputy to Turkey

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Agricultural Minister of Israel Uri Ariel has announced that Israel has stopped agricultural product import from Turkey. Announcing the decision on Twitter, Ariel has said, "We won't tolerate a country that preaches morality to the State of Israel with such hypocrisy”.

“The security forces and the IDF soldiers fearlessly protect the residents of Israel”.

Israel’s ambassador has left Turkey

Israel’s Ambassador to Turkey Eltan Na’eh is returning to his country after the incidents that occurred in the wake of US moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

Being summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the massacre in Gazza, Ambassador Na’eh was told that “it would be appropriate that he returns to his country for a while”.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Israel Kemal Öktem returned to Ankara after the incidents that sparked in Palestine they day before yesterday.


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