Israel begins ‘surprise’ military exercise near Lebanon border

The Israeli army launched a surprise military exercise on Sunday near border with Lebanon to “enhance readiness” on the country’s northern border, according to the military

In a tweet, the army said the exercise, code-named “Warm Winter 2”, began in a surprise format and will continue until Tuesday.

“About 8,000 soldiers in regular service and about 5,000 reservists, recruited by special orders, from the various IDF (army) units will take part in the exercise,” the army said.

The army said the exercise aims “to strengthen the readiness of the end units in the IDF (army) and the supporting logistical system, for explosive events and various scenarios on the northern front,” it added.

The army said the military exercise was planned in advance as part of the 2022 training program.

According to the Maariv newspaper, the exercise comes amid reports about Iranian attempts to smuggle weapons into Lebanon aboard civilian planes.

On Thursday, the Lebanese authorities denied reports about the transfer of weapons by Iran to Lebanese group Hezbollah via Rafiq Hariri airport in Beirut.

Source: Anadolu Agency