Iraqi Foreign Ministry : 40 Iraqis Dead, 120 injured in Damascus Bombings

NNA – Bombings targeting pilgrims in Damascus killed around 40 and injured about 120 Iraqis on Saturday, the Iraqi foreign ministry said.

“Preliminary statistics indicate the fall of around 40 Iraqi martyrs and 120 wounded,” ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said in a statement, terming it a “criminal terrorist operation.”

Jamal said that roadside bombs targeted buses carrying the pilgrims, while the Syrian opposing Observatory reported that there was one roadside and one suicide bombing in the Bab al-Saghir area of Damascus.

The Iraqi statement blamed the attack on takfiri groups, that declare those who do not follow their ideology to be “kuffar”, or infidels.

These include the ISIL ‘jihadist’ group, which Iraq is battling at home, but which also holds significant ground in Syria.

The Damascus attack could provide the impetus for increased Iraqi strikes against ISIL in Syria, which Baghdad has already carried out near the border.–AFP