Iran blames Israel for Isfahan drone attack, threatens reprisal

Iran has accused Israel of carrying out the recent drone attack on a military facility in Isfahan, stressing that it reserves the right to “respond decisively.”

Preliminary investigations into the Jan. 28 attack show that Israel was behind the attack, Saeid Iravani, Iran’s permanent representative to the UN, wrote in a letter to UN chief Antonio Guterres.

He stressed that Iran “reserves its legitimate and natural right to defend its national security and to respond decisively to any threat by the Zionist regime whenever it deems necessary,” Iranian news agency ISNA reported.

Iran’s Defense Ministry said several drones targeted a military complex in the central Isfahan province late last Saturday, but there were no casualties or major damage.

It said air defense systems intercepted one of the drones, while two others “were caught in defense traps and exploded.”

“The attack did not affect our equipment and mission,” the ministry said.

There have been a number of sabotage attacks on military facilities and nuclear plants in Iran in recent years, with Tehran mostly blaming its regional archrival Israel.

One of the key targets has been the Natanz nuclear plant, located some 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Isfahan city.

* Ikram Imane Kouachi contributed to this report

Source: Anadolu Agency