Investigation Against Metin Cihan, Who Announced Suspicious Death of Rabia Naz

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  • July 15, 2019
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Translator Metin Cihan has announced it on social media that an investigation has been launched against him.

Cihan has been raising concerns on social media about the suspicious death of 11-year-old Rabia Naz Vatan in Eynesil, Giresun on April 13, 2018.

He previously deposed to the police department as part of an investigation launched against him due to a tweet that he posted about Gezi resistance.

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Having set out on a journey with his son around a month ago, Cihan has also indicated that they cut their journey short after learning about the investigation. He has made the following remarks on Twiter:

“Police officers inquired about me at my address, I think there is a new investigation. They are trying to exact a toll on me instead of solving the death of Rabia Naz. I am very anxious, I was afraid that they would take me while I was with my son. We have ended the journey in İzmir, I hope that we can continue it from here.”

Şaban Vatan, the father of Rabia Naz, has also expressed his support for Metin Cihan on Twitter. Vatan has said, “I am with you to the end. No one can prevent a person who keep his volume up for justice.”

What happened?

Rabia Naz Vatan was found injured in front of her home in Eynesil, Giresun on April 13, 2018. While the police records said that the girl committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of her family’s home, her father claimed that she was killed.

“A car hit my daughter but the hit was not strong enough to result in her death. Those who hit Rabia Naz then brought her near my house to make the incident look like my daughter committed suicide. My daughter lost her life because of blood loss,” he said.

Vatan said that the person who hit her daughter by a car was the nephew of Eynesil Mayor Coşkun Somuncuoğlu, according to the information he obtained.

Translator Metin Cihan wanted the Vatan family’s demand for justice to be heard by people and shared the details of the incident on Twitter. Afterwards, several social media users posted messages about the incident.