Inflation Rate Hits Double Digit: 10.68

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Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the inflation data for August 2017.

When compared to July, the inflation rate in August 2017 has risen by 0,52%, when compared to December 2016, by 6.60% and when compared to August 2016, by 10.68%. The average increase for 12 months is 9.66%.

In July, the annual inflation rate was announced as 9.79%.

Highest monthly hike

Highest monthly increase was seen in education with 2.79%.

Transportation marked 2.05% of increase; household furniture 1.66% and household goods 0.63% and the group of restaurants and hotels 1.03%.

Highest monthly drop

Highest monthly drop was seen in the group of clothing and shoe with 3.09%.

The other group which marked a decrease was food and non-alcoholic drinks with 0.22%.(YY/DG)