Hundreds of public sector workers go on strike in South Africa

Hundreds of South African civil servants have embarked on a national strike demanding an increase in salaries and better working conditions.

According to a statement by the Public Servants Association (PSA), the strike was called after the government failed to agree with workers' demands of a 6.5% increase.

Government instead offered them a 3% salary hike, which they are not happy with.

The civil servants marched in the capital Pretoria on Thursday where they handed over a list of their demands to the treasury department.

“Public servants, like other employees and tax payers, are feeling the severe effects of major price increases for fuel, transport, and food as well as interest rate hikes,” the PSA said.

The public servants said their strike is expected to cause serious impact on activities of government departments, especially Home Affairs, which issues identity documents and passports. Immigration services at the country’s border posts and airports are likely to be affected.

According to the PSA, this is the first major Public-Service strike since 2010.

Source: Anadolu Agency