Hrant Dink Commemorated: We Don’t Go Anywhere, We Still Cherish Hope

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  • January 19, 2019
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* Photographs: Hikmet Adal

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Editor-in-Chief of Agos Newspaper Hrant Dink, who was murdered in front of Agos Newspaper in Şişli, İstanbul on January 19, 2007, was commemorated in front of the newspaper today (January 19).

Before the commemoration ceremony started at 3 p.m., the street leading to the Agos Newspaper was closed to traffic. One Anti-Riot Water Cannon Vehicle (TOMA), two armoured police vehicles and three police busses were also stationed in front of the Şişli Mosque. While the subway did not stop at the Osmanbey metro station until 3.45 p.m., one TOMA and two police busses were also positioned in front of the Osmanbey metro station.

On the Sebat Apartment, the former building of Agos Newspaper, the photograph of Hrant Dink as well as banners which read “We Demand Justice”, “We Don’t Give Up Ahparig (Brother)” and “For Hrant, For Justice” signed by Hrant’s Friends were hung.

Filiz Ali: They watch us from the January cold

Filiz Ali, the daughter of writer Sabahattin Ali, who was killed on April 2, 1948, made a speech at the ceremony on behalf of Hrant’s Friends:

“My dear brother Hrant. Against the darkness which took you away from us, we are in front of the newspaper that you founded for the 12th time.

“The killed journalists, writers, artists have inflicted deep wounds in the society. Our large family got larger and larger from 1948 to 2007.

“Metin Göktepe, Uğur Mumcu and Muammer Aksoy are watching us from the cold of January. They are here with us today.

“They have been asking the fate and whereabouts of thousands of people who have been subjected to enforced disappearance in Turkey since the 1970s. Come rain or come shine…

“I would really want to give you good news about the last years, but I cannot. Journalists are being held in cold rooms without knowing why they are tried.

“It has been 70 years since my father was disappeared and in these 70 years, injustice and unlawfulness have come to the boil.

“Human memory does not forget the lost values. They confront the society and ask, ‘Didn’t you feel ashamed in the slightest?’.

“Dear Hrant, we are still here. We do not go anywhere. We still have hope. We continue to say ‘We do not give up’ with this crowd here everyday.”

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“This case does not end before we say so!”