House of Alevi Family Marked, Governor Says Incident ‘Not Sectarian’

The police said "drunkards or children" may have marked the house while the Interior Minister promised to find the perpetrators.

Unknown perpetrators wrote "Go away Alevi" with a cross mark on the wall of an Alevi family's house in Gaziemir district in the western Izmir province.

The incident happened on Tuesday (November 26) and Bayram Senal, the owner of the house, filed a complaint at the police department the next day.

The police told the family that it was probably done by "drunkards or children," Senal told the Pir News Agency (PIRHA). He said they don't believe that and "will pursue the incident."

Governor of Izmir Erol Ayyildiz said that the incident "was not caused by sectarian reasons but occurred after a fight," citing the Security Directorate. Administrative and judicial investigations continue, he added.

Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu also spoke about the incident, saying, "I regard the marking on that house as it was on my own house."

"Our colleagues will find that person. This person will be found and pay for [what he/she did]. Very few of such incidents occurred during the period of my ministry, but none remained unsolved. Nobody has the right to disrupt the peace of the nation," Soylu said.

The incident drew reactions on social media, with many people tweeting under the hashtag, "Aleviyim" (I'm an Alevi).

Source: English Bianet